Does the new Chevy Silverado HD Duramax CRUSH the Ram Cummins on the World's Toughest Towing Test?

[, Music ] breaker breaker 1-9. This is bullseye boom. I going up the highway. What'S your callsign, I'm bullseye! Okay, before you guys see these two trucks.

On the I gauntlet mountain. I quickly wanted to tell you what it took to make this happen and why we're comparing a 2500 single rear wheel truck against a 3500 dually. I got back to Colorado after a first drive event that Chevrolet had in Oregon and a couple days later I got back on the plane. I flew to Bend Oregon to drive this high country crew cab 4x4 Silverado back to Colorado over 1200 miles, and I spent the night in Utah and got bedbugs in the hotel, no matter to bring this Chevy to Colorado exactly for this test.

It is so important because the new heavy-duty truck doesn't come around very often they get redesigned only about once every 10 years or maybe longer. I asked Chevrolet for a dually crew cab 4x4, but they haven't built them yet. The two trucks you saw at their event were pre-production prototypes, so the 2,500 truck you see here is the biggest and the baddest truck. We can do right now: [, Music ]. This is the epic truck battle going up that garlic between the two nois heavy-duty trucks. Today we have the all-new 2020 Chevy Silverado heavy duty truck versus the new Ram heavy duty. It'S single wheel, vs. dually, it's Duramax diesel vs. Cummins diesel and the Duramax has the tennspeed allison.

Yes, since meet against the 6-speed inline six against the VA and we're pulling a 16,000 pound horse trailer and we just completed the run, we're pretty surprised by the results and by the end of this video, you will also be surprised. Yes, I was gon na say that you will to be surprised. The icon look is the world's toughest towing test. It'S an 8 mile stretch of i-70 here in the Rocky Mountains, 7 % grade over 11,000 feet. If these trucks can pull these trailers here, they can do it anywhere: [, Music, ], okay, so this badge does say: 2500 HD, but Charolais is actually changing the rules a little bit. Let me show you the gross vehicle weight, because this is not really a three-quarter ton truck. Let me show you and the gross vehicle weight is eleven thousand three hundred fifty pounds, which is over ten thousand pounds where a typical 3/4 ton truck would be so.

Is it a 3/4 ton or one ton? Well we're gon na find out exactly how it handles this test. We get a lot of questions about shredded by a dually, or should I biasing the rear wheel, and so today we're going to answer part of that question, but looky here looky here in the door, the girl's vehicle a ring on its 14,000. That'S what we're used to a 110 bein 14,000 is pretty typical, so the rain has fallen right within the the bounds that were used to. Of course, this is a new truck too and they've updated the comments, but they kept the displacement still 6.7 liters. But now it's a compacted graphite iron block and the outlet was bumped up 400 horsepower now here for 2019 and 1000 pound feet of torque 1000. That'S a lot and if hard, that's, why there's big radiators here so gigantic greatly hit put in here - and this is the 6-speed Ising transmission. The Chevy now has a ten-speed Allison Transmission made it to their big diesel, and this is incredibly important because Chevrolet used to be at about 24,000 pounds of maximum towing and now they're on the level playing field against Ram and forth with maximum tow ratings.

At over 35,000 pounds, that's pretty insane for any heavy-duty truck, and I make your promise. We will compare the dually trucks, but that will come in the fall. We'Ll have a big, really heavy trailer and the new 2024. It will be there and the GM truck dually will be there and, of course, Ram is going to be there as well and now, for the first time only on TfL truck you get to see these two in the real world, with a pretty heavy trailer going Down and up a big mountain rim, Dulli downhill begins now, so we're about 50 miles, an hour which, with which is what we always do right yep and it immediately tries to slow us down yeah yeah. This is how these heavy dudes have been doing. So it sounds great yes and we set the trailer brake controller to heavy electric. We have an option to do that. Yes, our test trailer. Today, we've got from Transwest it's this cool simmer on 32 foot on the floor with an 8 foot neck, and this is the North Star for horse slant with living quarters. It'S like 11-foot living quarters short wall. They call it which means up here is where you sleep and you live and your couch your kitchen, your TV and then you have the bathroom in the shower now. These are 75 tires, 16 ply 8,000 pound axles. That'S how you get the 16 thousand pound gross vehicle weight range of this trailer and then looking through the back door. I said how we loaded this up. This thing is 12,000 pounds empty, we've got it to 16,000 pounds and because it's a living quarters, meaning that the front part you live in, you get a lot of tongue weight up there. So we pull all of the water weight back here. So we've got one water tote and three barrels to get us to that 16,000 pound [, Music, ]. So that's first break up again.

First break application: oh there it is the dumb did for you after bright app, so the automatic exhaust brake. What that does is it's kind of maintains a speed. Maximum Azaz brake is just trying to slow you down complete 47. It'S hanging right there in a tight range. You know that automatic brake control onion the exhaust brake is really working right. I really be nice about you, 50, but I'm not gon na mess with this, because this is good for the average driver pong trick is in the bounce coming down off the 7 % grade. This is a good thing: yeah [, Music ]. This truck rides so nice and smoothly these big traffic pulled some really big trailer get ready. You know it does really well, and I let's check out the sign on these two top-of-the-line rigs. This is a Chevy high country, it's as high as it goes in the line. This is the RAM limited it's as high as it goes in the RAM line. They have totally different look, so you kind of decide which one you like, the look of the best. A lot of chrome and monochromatic bumper on one, but this is the big rig, look where it has the fender similar with the head back in 1984. That'S the design they've kept in it, and this is a taller version because you have the hood, but this one starts out as a taller truck in the front than this one. [, Music ] all right well, basically nearing the bottom of the mountain and over 46 to break up the kitchen guys under the hug of the all-new 2020 silverado heavy-duty. It'S a very familiar 6.6 liter Duramax diesel and the number the output haven't changed from the previous generation, 445 horsepower and 910 pounds feet of torque, but it did gain four gears and Allison bred an automatic transmission yeah, and this is a v8. You know, v8. Think of acceleration, that's kind of what they've been known for hella cats got a hood scoop! Oh well! That'S true! So this is gon na be really interesting, because Chevy and RAM have different philosophies yeah right on how they program their exhaust break. How the trailer brake controller is set up in Chevy's philosophy, it's more automatic behind the scenes right. They don't show the driver all the options right. Shall we put the trailer brake controller here on the right side of the driver, which is really nice easy to reach, especially for right-handed drivers, and you can control your game here and it'll. Remember your gain settings when you shut off the truck and come back if you set up the trailer and the exhaust brake button is right here, it will tell you it's on as soon as you push the button, but then you have no indication that the exhaust Brake is enabled it's all automatic behind the scenes, all right, where's 50 in 39, we're going to the same thing, we're gon na start slowing down. Now that's the thing about the fluffy like you're, talking about with GM on Chevrolet Silverados. They like to control it with cruise control, your tow haul mode and your exhaust brake. It all ties into the curse, control. Okay, it's like now now, I'm finally speeding up all right. So, let's see what happens lit 60 when you've hit your brake for the first time right. It does not have the odd so exhaust brake light ran it it's a full exhaust brake. There. You go okay, my locker down to 50 all right. So, let's seize I'm gon na downshift, you did hit me down shifted and we got ta tense me. It'S the tennspeed Allison's me! Yes, so we all saw the chassis that several they had for their hair by a truck right and they put the gooseneck hitch and a couple of inches behind the rear axle and everybody was worried.

Well, I was surprised by and I kept asking engineers and finding even their answer, that it's centered between on the leaf springs that hanger in the shackle. But you know: I've never seen that done before, where a factory wall or even an aftermarket wall was two inches behind the rear axle. So we got the real answer, guys we weight the truck empty and then, after putting about three thousand pounds of tongue weight, which is maximum on this 2500 HD. We have the results, and the final number is that we lost about a hundred pounds on the front axle and that's interesting, because the way I've never seen out that you have either when your weight truck loaded that the front axle, usually the weight, stays the same Or goes up this one went down 100 pounds and at first I thought well there's kind of proof that it does affect but work max on this. We got the maximum payload with this hitch on there and if it only lost a hundred pounds out of the thousands of pounds we're dealing with yeah, it's not a big deal downshifted for us, and now it's slowing us down to what nothing. If we have to accelerate to 50, so kind of the same thing happened with the Rams I make summer. Yes, yes, we'll do it, so it's really kind of was to break up locations. That'S fair! That'S fair! I'M happy to say that braking performance was the same on both trucks. Okay, that's very good! I love them Jim! Yes, I concur.

Can they drive up and then please pretty, please all right, let's switch drivers and go up. Okay! Okay! You ready we're going up. The mountain dude, you don't like a trekker, I do so. We started using it 30 miles an hour and I'm gon na put the hammer down now. So the timer is on. The in tribute is on and my foot is all the way on the floor and I'm 16 now wide open, throttle, yep still white up and throttle, so it took a little while with 16,000 pounds, but now I have to kind of step back a little bit Of maintain 16, but according to Ram - and I double-check with them - there is no torque management into any of the gears. She got it all up front. Well, the steering feels great it's not too heavy, not too light. The trailer is solid. The truck is just straight and true, these two trucks are top-of-the-line models. The Chevy heavy-duty is a high country, most expensive, most options Chevrolet you can currently get, and, of course this is a limited ramp once again, the most option, the most expensive truck you can get and the interior shows it on both trucks, but the RAM with its 12 inch infotainment screen just kind of takes the cake as far as tech and what I like more in the RAM, you can actually adjust the trailer brake controller from light electric to heavy electric like with it today, and when you push the exhaust brake switch. It will actually keep the light for that in the center console to let you know it's on. Oh we're, passing a Prius in the fast lane. There is a Prius right there, I'm kind of being dating 57 miles an hour all the way up this mountain. I can't quite reach 60, the Melton is kind of biting, and this is my maximum speed right now. It'S just this is what it does. Then look at all my temperature scare in the center of every Boyle sent 226 tranced m17, a cool temp 217 Music ]. So we might make it in the round hill, just over eight minutes, eight minutes as a benchmark, a structure that would be hard for a newly Paul and 60,000 he's gon na take till 9:00 right to here done 3.6 mpg and eight minutes 25. Well, that's awfully good yeah, very good, [, Music, ] and starting now Music ]. So it's behaving similarly to uh to the ramp when you're pulling big trainers, you know that well, the entire! Yes did you think they got a hundred percent. The talk on this starting out, I think I did in the crew camp here - Chevy stretched the wheelbase about 25.2 inches and they also increase the rear legroom. It is a bigger cab now boom and actually cross your legs here. So there's more comfort back here. Of course, for this new generation of the RAM truck, the cab remains the same as the previous generation truck a little bit less legroom. As you can see here, I can still cross my legs just a little bit less comfort here, Music, ] machete performed similarly to the RAM start out kind of gentle linear acceleration and had to back off at 60 right and now I put the hammer down Again and I'm maintaining 59 right now, so the RAM was at about 57 58 yeah, I'm at 58. Now there you go holy moly. Let my foot is all the way down yeah. I can't press it any harder: [, Music, ], nail biter, eight twelve thirteen fourteen scummy place we suck now 24. I think it's basically a tide. They accept its. I and 3.4 that's unbelievable, the same virtually the same time: yeah yeah, but there's no, the ride and stability on this Chevy, our think top-notch yeah [, Music ]. I think the biggest surprise today was how close these two trucks were.

The braking performance was very similar. The time up, almost identical the comments, trip meters showed better fuel economy. So how do we decide Julie or single rear wheel? Always very handsome contest. Now we're talking about a v8 diesel which is normally a little faster yeah and then line six usually builds torque a little easier and you got a six-speed versus a 10 speed automatic yeah. But with this slow with a 16,000 pound trailer about 3,000 pounds of the tongue weight, I would say: go Julie because you have extra capacity. The payload on Julie is over 5,000 pounds. You can put the rest of your family in there you're kind of maxed out on the 3/4 ton or the traditional 3/4 times, but it's a really good conscience, I'm glad we did it and we're the first ones that do it. Yes, we were the first ones to test the only 2020 silverado heavy duty in the real world, with the tenth speed, my goodness, and go back to tearful truck calm and where else mr. truck calm for real-world reviews.

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