ArmorThane Inc, a leading manufacturer, and distributor of spray-on protective linings and coatings are revolutionizing the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. RV owners and service providers now have an alternative RV roof restoration option that costs considerably less than replacing the previous rubber or vehicle roof every few years, requires very few supplies and needs little to no maintenance.
RV’s and campers suffer from constant wear and tear plus harsh weather conditions. ArmorThane’s ArmorSeal 100 AL extends the life of these vehicles by repairing and preventing roof leaks, coating floors and protecting undercarriages from chemicals and road debris. As with bed liners, ArmorThane’s polyurethane/polyurea coatings permanently seal cracks and become waterproof.

There is nothing more durable to repair leaks and fix the damage. ArmorThane’s monolithic coating contains UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment that forms a long-term barrier against water intrusion.
“ArmorThane ArmorSeal 100 AL has proven to be an excellent RV roof repair and restoration solution,” states Garry Froese, President, and CEO of ArmorThane Inc. “Our product demonstrations have generated great interest in the RV and insurance industry and are quickly becoming an effective way to educate and introduce RV service businesses, insurance companies and consumers to a cost-effective and long-lasting RV roof repair and restoration solution.”
The Polyurea In the ArmorSeal 100 AL used for RV roof restoration, dries to the touch in seconds and requires few resources.

Polyureas are not the same kind of material as some of the more common RV roof alternatives such as Liquid Rubber Roof or similar polymers. Comparing ArmorThane’s ArmorSeal 100 AL Coating or any other polyurea to these polymers is like comparing a shingle roof to a tile roof. They can be used in similar ways, but each has their strengths and weaknesses. Polymer roof coatings have multiple uses and differ significantly from company to company as to what they do and how they are applied which will give you many more hours of research.

As a world-wide world leader in sprayed and rolled polyurea/polyurethane, polyaspartic and epoxy coatings and linings for industrial, municipal and residential purposes, ArmorThane offers a full line of top quality polyurethane and polyurea coatings and high-tech spraying equipment and supplies. Their professionally-applied pure and hybrid polyurethane and polyurea formulas are extremely durable, flexible and safe to use.
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